Integrated Strategic Resources specializes in Systems Integration Management, Communications (RF & Wireless) and network Applications, Electronic Security, and Rail/Transit Operations Analysis. ISR has particular knowledge and experience on projects requiring extensive maintenance of operations, coordination with owner security requirements, local state and federal regulations, projects with specialized transportation needs, logistical expertise, limited site access and projects involving complex phasing and/or coordination.


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Robert Spero, Senior Director of Rail Operations

A new face at Integrated Strategic Resources is Robert Spero, Senior Director of Rail Operations. Mr. Spero has more than 30 years of diverse experience in transportation operations, program and construction management, planning, customer service, training, and safety. His experience features the ability to coordinate and address the requirements of multiple parties, including operating departments, elected representatives, and the public. Bob has experience in operating major stations as he was the Lead Transportation Manager for the Long Island Rail Road for 8 years in Penn Station. Bob has experience in Train & Crew Operations, Passenger Flow, Fire, Life and Safety Plans and Station Security. Bob was also on the LIRR team that developed the new Grand Central Terminal for the East Side Access project where he developed more then 6 major cutover plans for Amtrak. The cutovers varied from signal cutovers, switch cutovers to new track and switch installation. Bob's experience ranges from operations needs (construction, schedules, force account, procurement) to Police, Public Relations, buses and other major issues that effect every service disruption. Bob has developed plans and procedures in conjunction with major initiatives such as the phase-in of new rolling stock and has directed operating plan development, simulation, and construction-related activities such as track outages and construction by railroad forces.


Brian Dolan Joins ISR as Vice President Business Development: Brian Dolan an experienced business development and marketing executive, has joined ISR as Vice President-Business Development. He has successfully led pursuits for major transportation projects in the New York metropolitan region and in other U.S. cities.
Integrated Strategic Resources Names Eduardo Orellana Director Communications and wireless/Radio Frequency Technologies- Integrated Strategic Resources (ISR) has appointed Eduardo Orellana, Director Communications and Wireless/Radio Frequency Technologies. Mr. Orellana has more than 20 years of engineering and management experience. He is an expert in the field of radio frequency engineering and has significant project experience in systems integration, technical design, network optimization and deployment.
Surren Sirkisoon, Vice President of Systems and National Rail Transit Director: Surren Sirkisoon serves as Vice President of Systems and National Rail Transit Director. He joined ISR over seven years ago and has anchored the company’s emergence into the Communications and Electronic Security arena. Surren has balanced his duty to ISR and loyalty to clients while working with the agencies of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Amtrak and New Jersey Transit.