Julie Kroloff
Integrated Strategic Resources LLC

The desire to contribute to the development of transportation infrastructure is deeply rooted in my family.  In 1943, my grandfather, Jack Caplan, (pictured to the right) on the Cover of the Pacific Electric Magazine, was a Towerman operating the Centralized Traffic Control System at Island Junction for Pacific Electric in Los Angeles, California.  My career started as an estimator for a public works contractor on the west coast and led to positions in New York at Gibbs & Hill, 10-years at Kaiser Engineers, Vice President at Stone & Webster and in 2000 establishing Integrated Strategic Resources (ISR). 

ISR offers skillful and seamless integration of services, often working hand-in-hand as an extension of our client’s staff on projects of significant size and importance.  ISR professionals have worked on the largest transit expansion projects in the New York region and continue to provide expert design guidance to its clients which are the largest transit agencies in the United States.   ISR delivers to our client’s unique technical guidance, produced in a collaborative fashion, sometimes under very tight deadlines.  ISR’s technical and professional staff come from different regions of the United States and countries from around the world.  We find common ground to identify the best solutions for our clients. 







Integrated Strategic Resources (ISR’s) core services are focused on four business areas:

• Systems Integration Management
• Communications (RF & Wireless) & Network Applications
• Electronic Security
• Rail Transi
t Operations/Analysis

We have managed the integration of systems, including their effect on rail/transit operations, and followed these efforts through testing and commissioning phases.  ISR’s communications expertise is practical, hands-on and current with advancing networks and RF/Wireless technologies. ISR and its key staff have been involved in electronic security programs throughout the Northeast for above and below ground structures situated on key transit crossings linking various urban centers.  These projects have involved CCTV, Intrusion Detection, Access Control, Backbone and Field Networks, Fiber Optic Networks, Command and Control Centers, communications, fiber and WIFI installations and police radio.

ISR continues to develop a group of professional resources at every level of the organization and broaden its abilities to review and help plan railroad/transit operations for expansion and rehabilitation projects.

Developing a mentoring program in ISR’s core services has been key to providing a career path for our employees that maintains ISR’s technical skills at a level that provides long-term added value for our clients. 

It is a great privilege to be a valued resource for our clients.  Thank you for your interest and the time to visit our website. 


In 1943 state-of-the art Centralized Traffic Control System in the

tower was divided into two groups of four handles to control the

automatic switches on the top.  The lower row operated the signals.