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ISR’s core services provide a distinctive reputation for a DBE/WBE firm and separates us from many of the larger A&E firms in the New York metropolitan region for successfully delivering clear design guidance in the highly unique fields of radio frequency engineering, systems integration management and electronic security.  The skills, experience and expertise of ISR’s professional staff have yielded a proven record of success in the transit industry and have earned our engineers a respected reputation with our many clients.





ISR has honed its systems integration skills incorporating some of the most complex electronic configurations that involved legacy, new and upgraded systems for communications, security and the electronic components that link everything together. ISR has worked as extension of staff alongside client personnel often working on 24-hour non-stop operations. This gives ISR a unique level of experience applicable to all systems integration projects.

ISR’s communications expertise is practical, hands on and current with advancing networks and RF/Wireless technologies. Experience with Network Design and Configuration (WAN/LAN) and the Design & Configuration of the Network Management Systems through test procedures, training programs and Manual development is a major part of ISR’s role on communication programs. With RF Engineering tools such as Mentum Planet ISR generates coverage plots/maps for individual sites as well as composite coverage to demonstrate predicted coverage.

ISR has a record of excellence on sensitive electronic security programs for public and private facilities in dense urban settings above –and or below ground.  ISR’s expertise include: Field of View Surveys, design, integration, test procedures development, O&M development and test and commissioning management for access control, intrusion detection, CCTV, command and control centers with tie-ins to local law enforcement agencies. 

ISR has managed integration of systems, including its effect on rail/transit operations, and followed these efforts through testing and commissioning phases.  The scheduling of force account availability and the understanding of how the transportation operation needs to function without interruption to services is paramount to being an effective system integration professional.