Consultants to Transportation and Infrastructure Projects
Practical, hands-on communications expertise
Current with advancing networks and RF/Wireless Technologies
Extensive Experience Working on 24-Hour Live Operating Systems
A Certified DBE, WBE and SBE

Integrated Strategic Resources (ISR) is a certified DBE, WBE and SBE with over 40 full-time employees. Established in 2000, ISR has offices in Baltimore, New Jersey and its headquarters in New York City.

ISR focuses on four business areas – Systems Integration Management, Communications (RF & Wireless) and Network Applications, Electronic Security, and Rail Transit Operations/Analysis.

ISR offers skillful and seamless integration of these services, often working as extension of staff on major transit projects. ISR’s communications expertise is practical, hands-on and current with advancing networks and RF/Wireless technologies. We have managed the integration of systems, including their effects on rail/transit operations, and followed these efforts through testing and commissioning.

ISR excels at working on 24-hour non-stop operating systems alongside owners, operators, contractors and Architect/Engineering firms.


  Systems integration management with a strong emphasis on communications and security
systems (CCTV, PA/CIS).
  Communications networks and applications including wireless/radio frequency engineering,
WAN/LAN and microwave backhauls.
Electronic Security including access control, intrusion detection, and command control centers.
Rail/Transit Operations/Analysis including force account scheduling and construction staging.


New York
505 Eighth Avenue
Suite 2503
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212 244 8532
Fax: 212 244 8536

  New Jersey
1 Gateway Center
Suite 2600
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: 973 645 9475
400 East Pratt St
8th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 732-261-7055