Did you know that...

ISR is part of the team for NYCT VHF System Relocation providing predictive VHF Overlap Coverage Testing and development of FAT Procedures and Submittals?







ISR's Role
• Systems Integration
• Security Access Control
• WAN/LAN Networks
• Testing & Inspection
• Testing & Inspection Documentation
• Managed the Integration and Field Test Team
• Inspection for all electrical/civil/structural elements
• Cost Estimating and Change Order Review

ISR has been involved with the Integrated Electronic Security System (IESS) and Command Controls and Communications (C3) Centers since its beginnings. As part of the overall MTA security strategy, various technologies were deployed at critical facilities with the aim of detecting, deterring, delaying and/or preventing terrorist security threats through integration of these technologies.. Early on, ISR provided inspection for the entire project. This included the Verrazano Bridge, Harlem River Lift Bridge, Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station Complex and the East River Tubes. Additionally, ISR provided estimating support to the lead negotiator for AWO’s to the base security contract. The project was halted. Upon resumption, ISR’s Security Expert James Maguire was handpicked by the NYCT to bring the LIRR C3 Control Center online; this then became the first fully functioning C3 location and provided live video from Pennsylvania Station and the East River Tunnels.

The IESS/C3 project has been broken into numerous Electronic Security Systems projects. ISR has continued to provide systems integration oversight, inspection, testing and commissioning as well as develop comprehensive project test plans and test procedures on many of the now stand alone projects.