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ISR is part of the CM team for East Side Access providing Systems Integration Oversight?





ISR's Role
• Systems Design
• Contract Compliance/Submittals (RTM)
• Design Development Criteria (PDR, FDR & FAT)
• Factory Acceptance Testing & Lab Development
• Design Support & Configuration of CCTV & Access Control Systems & their WAN/LAN Networks
• Equipment Procurement and Laboratory Design/Set-Up to Support Local FAT Testing
• Systems Integration
• Installation Oversight & Verification
• Field Acceptance Testing
• Development of Test Procedures
• Development of Preliminary Training Program


ISR is a sub-consultant to Alcatel-Lucent who is part of the Comstock Skanska JV for the Second Avenue Subway project’s first phase, specifically for communications systems at the 63rd St., 72nd St., 86th St., and 96th St. Subway Stations.

The ISR team is working on the communications rooms security systems (CCTV and Access Control), the DPS Telecom Remote Monitoring System (RMS), and Solari Udine station clocks, and the configuration and integration of the security, RMS, and clock systems into the overall WAN/LAN Network at each station. Specific ISR job functions over the course of the project have included WAN/LAN Engineers and Specialists, Security Engineers and Specialists, Systems Integration Specialists, Training Manager, Testing Managers, and CADD Drafters.

As part of our roles, ISR redesigned all equipment cabinets and panels to meet updated design requirements, including the WAN/LAN cabinets, CCTV Cabinets, and Access Control Panels manufactured by Rittal, APX, and Hoffman. The CCTV and Software House Access Control systems in particular were re-designed based on NYCT feedback regarding the latest security requirements for the communications rooms in each of the subway stations. The WAN/LAN network was redesigned to support the re-dimensioned security systems and Solari Udine system clocks. The team was responsible for documenting the design specifications and providing the CADD drawings for all redesigns. Following the equipment, cabinet, panel, and system redesigns, the team moved on to set up a laboratory to integrate the subsystems into the WAN/LAN networks for the purposes of FAT testing. The team is responsible for developing the acceptance criteria and test procedures for the various testing phases of the project including FAT, FIAT (Field Installation Acceptance testing), FIST (Facilities Integration Systems Test), SIT (Systems Integrated Test) as defined in the STP (Systems Test Plan).

ISR will be providing field installation support of the approximately 70 cabinets and panels, coordinating the placement and field testing of all CCTV cameras located in the contract (Field of View surveys), and field configuration and testing of every access control point. ISR will also manage closeout activities including the hand-off of system configurations, creating As-Built drawing packages for all equipment (block diagrams, riser diagrams, equipment room layouts, electrical schematics, wiring diagrams, etc.), conducting the final SIT testing, and procurement/budgeting reconciliation.