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• Systems Integration
• Develop Testing & Inspection Procedures with Vendors
• Microwave Backhaul Upgrade
• Design Verification to Contract Specifications
• Develop VHF Radio, Microwave & UPS Installation Method of Procedures (MOP) with Vendor
• Integration & Testing Plan for MOSCAD Alarm System for UPS and Microwave Alarms
• O&M Manuals for UPS UHF, VHF and Microwave Systems


SR has recently completed this effort as the Project Manager on the Alcatel-Lucent project. The project upgraded equipment of the NYCT UHF (800 MHz) simulcast bus radio network, located at four base station sites and the command center. The work consisted of upgrading the three links of the microwave backhaul, upgrading the channel banks, upgrading 10 channels/base stations at each of the 4 base station sites, upgrading and integrating environmental and equipment alarms to a new Motorola MOSCAD remote monitoring system, and upgrading the Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) at the base station sites and command center. ISR managed the three vendors (ALU for microwave equipment, Motorola for UHF base stations, and Benning for UPS), electricians, and installation teams to make sure they complied with the NYCT contract for the submittal of equipment specifications, submittal of drawings, equipment installations, testing activities, etc. while ensuring downtime of radio network equipment was localized to an area and minimized (at most 2 hours, by utilizing temporary UPS installations). The team coordinated and participated in multi-disciplinary surveys to identify locations of equipment removal and installation, to identify power feeds and distribution, and to generally plan the priority/order of delivery, installation, and integration. The ISR team worked with the vendors as an engineering lead in the development of methods of procedure (MOP) and acceptance test plans (ATP), and worked with ALU’s Safety Engineering and Quality Management consultant to ensure safety and quality during installations. In addition to RF engineers, the ISR team had a CAD drafter for drawings, a technical writer that developed and produced three Operations and Maintenance Manuals, and an associate engineer for general engineering support in the field and office.